Powerful analytics platform for e-commerce leaders

Discover Ad spend performance

Building Sales Funnel and Customer Journey will help you understand how your campaigns impact driving sales.

Get a deeper understanding of your customers

Learn where they are coming from, how they use the website, which categories and products they’re interested.

Get a big picture of your e-commerce business

Integrate all data sources in one place and get a powerful e-commerce dashboard. Make business decisions based on data, get ahead of your competitors.

How e-commerce grow with our platform?
Customer Journey

From where and when customers come and how they use your website is important to optimize Ad spend and buying process on your website

Affiliate Program

Creating your own affiliate program with our platform is cost effective and gives full control over publishers and influencers that you work with.

Fraud Prevention

Saving budgets and excluding anomalies from customer journeys lead to higher ROI and better conversion rate.

CRM Integration

Integrating marketing data with sales data from CRM gives a better understanding of the performance of all marketing channels.

Category & Brand Management

Identify top performers in product categories, maximize profitability and improve inventory management by making sure that top demand products don’t get out of stocks.

Marketing Attribution

Multi-touch marketing attribution gives a better understanding of marketing channels’ impact on sales. Last-click attribution in many cases gives wrong answers.

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