Fraud Prevention

We track and analyze sophisticated ad fraud activities. Our machine learning algorithms keep your digital budget safe.

Allocate budget spend on high-quality traffic

Stop wasting money on digital channels that didn’t give any value in driving conversions. Use our algorithms to identify important channels for your sales.

Optimize your campaigns

To properly optimize your campaigns your need to get your data cleared from anomalies. Detecting suspicious traffic help you make better decisions.

Dashboard with alerts

Keep an eye real-time on your traffic. React quickly on anomalies to get only pure quality users on your website.

Our algorithms detect anomalies like:
Cookie Stuffing

Affiliates are dropping cookies into the user’s web browser without their knowledge to gain provision from the affiliate program. So user didn’t even see an ad and didn’t click on the ad on purpose.

Malware Detection

Malware can change user’s web browser data. For example search queries or ads that are shown up on different websites.

Google Brand Bidding

Making Google Ads on your brand keyword is an easy and cheap way to get the provision from affiliate campaigns. The stronger brand you have, the more you need to focus on that type of fraud.

Duplicated and random clicks

Implemented in CPC campaigns to check the quality of the traffic. Duplicated and random clicks just burn your digital budget.

BOT Detection

Detecting all non-human activities on your website

User Behaviour Scoring

Personalized quality scoring of every digital channel. Set your own KPIs and track the quality of the traffic

How much budget you can save?

CPC Campaigns
Affiliate Campaigns
We saved for our Clients in 2020

Want to know more about how much budget you can save on detecting fraud?

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