Campaign Management and Automated Reporting ideal for getting your agency business to the next level

Campaign Manager and Tracking

Run campaigns for many Clients in one place. Advanced tracking will help you measure the performance of any channel or creative.

Save time on reporting

Manually creating client reports and shuffling spreadsheets is really time-consuming for media planners and the client service department.  Personalized dashboards and reports save time for creating value for your clients.

Automated Data Integration

Integrate all marketing tools that you use and have all data in one place. Create a single source of data and insights for your team.

How agencies use our platform?
Own Affiliate Network

Building your own affiliate network gives a better margin on media buying and control over the traffic quality.

Fraud Prevention

Detecting anomalies is extremely important in campaign optimization and saving agency clients’ budgets.

Advanced Tracking

1st party cookie tracking and postback integrations are necessary for the cookie-less era.

Data Integration

Agencies work with many clients that use different marketing tools. Integrating data is crucial for optimizing reporting time and getting relevant insights.

Marketing Attribution

Full customer journeys are making marketing attribution more efficient. User interaction with the website from different channels is important to check quality of the touchpoint.

Campaign Management

Managing hundreds of ads needs to be automated. Tracking the performance of many campaigns is one of the most important things in the agency business.

Want to know more about how your agency can automate business processes on our platform?

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