Campaign Manager

Track and manage all digital campaigns.

Centralize Ad Serving

Use ad serving for display, mailing, text links, and product feed campaigns. Manage and store creatives from all your campaigns in one place to track their performance in real-time.

Distribute campaigns easily

Launching campaigns with hundred of creatives is really time-consuming but you need to deploy them fast. Manage campaigns from one place to optimize time for launching campaigns.

Control advertising campaign data

Maintain data about advertising campaigns even when you change agency. Build know-how about publishers, placements, channels in-house to better optimize future activities and choose the best agencies.

How Campaign Manager can improve your business?
Real-Time Tracking

Track all your campaigns in real-time and analyze them on personalized dashboards. Stop depending on post-campaign reports.

Partners Management

Smoothly cooperate with most important media partners and run campaigns with them thanks to automated reporting.

Creatives Management

Impressions, clicks, conversion – track the performance of your creatives in real-time.

Want to know more how Campaign Manager can improve your business?

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