Just a few steps to build

B2B Partner program

Explore the complete B2B program management tool that includes CRM, full performance analytics, partner billing and sales representatives.

Starting the BTB program for business partners from scratch is a big challenge because it covers many key areas:

  • partner management – the ability to add new ones broken down into branches, regions or sales representatives,
  • billing scenarios – setting billing rules taking into account various factors, e.g. product categories or the needs of the marketing department,
  • access to the platform – for partners, sales representatives, departments of your company,
  • clear reporting – clear, understandable and complete reports on the effectiveness of the program,
  • predictions of results – sales forecasts generated dynamically and automatically,
  • settlements of partners – broken down into sub partners, sales representatives, regions,
  • monitoring of sales representatives – controlling the effectiveness of your resources,
  • integration with the store – automatically using the store API.

Thanks to our PragmaticBOX platform, all of the above areas are comprehensively secured, so you do not need expensive IT or data scientists resources. You can focus on developing your partner network without worrying about unnecessary technicalities.

Get to know the main functionalities
CRM of B2B Partners

Add partners yourself or send them an individual link to registration along with the acceptance of your regulations.

Partners with platform access

Your partners have constant access to their results on a clear and easy to understand dashboard, thanks to which you save time on reporting.

Partners assigned to Sales

The partner’s account can be assigned to its sales representatives or regions and the efficiency can be easily settled.

An innovative method of measuring the effectiveness

We used a proprietary method of counting conversions based on a rebate code or an identifier assigned to a specific partner or its individual sales representatives.

Full automation of reporting and validation

We integrate directly with the API of your store, thanks to which you save valuable resources. Reporting and validation of results is done automatically.

Clear dashboards, reports, intelligent predictions of results

See the most important data instantly on easy-to-read dashboards, divided by subject, supplemented by reports.

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